Sewn braid garden / beach hat UPF50  by hat.a.girl Fedoras by hat.a.girl Packable Crushable Travel Sun hats - UPF50  by hat.a.girl Ribbon Crusher Packable Travel Hat - HS353 - UPF50  by hat.a.girl
  • Fedoras

    The Fedora, timeless, classic, clean and just plain cool. As soon as you put on a hat.a.girl fedora, your mood changes, you may develop a bit of a swagger in your walk and exude a bit more confidence. Each fedora in our collection was selected with a style and personality in mind. From the classic herringbone, to the funky flower corduroy to the blue polka dot fedora we know you will find one to fit your style. It’s finally time to embrace the Fedora and begin realizing how this one fashion accessory can change how you feel and approach the day. Read More
  • Ribbon Crushers

    Our ribbon crusher hats are lab certified for UPF50+ sun protection. Fold, pack, and travel with these unique size adjustable hats that bounce back to their original shape. Ribbon crusher hats are made from colorful and stylish grosgrain ribbon. Fashion and function prevail with sun protection that will keep you and hat wrinkle free. An adjustable sizing tie lets you size and tighten the ribbon crusher foldable hat for a comfortable fit and protects against a sudden gust of wind. Read More
  • Aviators

    Aviator’s are quickly becoming a staple to everyones wardrobe whether you live in Alaska or California. The beauty of the Aviator (or Trapper as they are sometimes known) is that they keep you super warm, but also adds tons of style to any bundled up look. At hat.a.girl we find ourselves constantly throwing on an aviator, after a day of skiing or just running errands around town. The Aviator is the perfect gift, as we have styles to suit both men and women. Enjoy our selection of unisex cozy Aviators in many colors and styles by hat.a.girl. Read More
  • Wide brim hats

    All of our wide brim hats provide fashion and function and most importantly UV sun protection for the gardener, hiker and beach enthusiast. Materials include raffia, straw, sewn braid, and ribbon. Our wide brim hats are lab certified UPF 50+ for maximum sun blocking. Wide brims also ensure maximum sun protection. Sizing is adjustable with a tie or a chin cord and toggle. We offer several styles of wide brim hats in our sewn braid fabric including a cowboy hat style crown and a regular standard shaped crown. Read More
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